Optimizing Inspection Costs by $5MM: The Return of Risk-Based Inspection in Petrochemicals

  • s_The-Return-of-RBI-in-PetroChemThe establishment of a comprehensive MI and RBI program is a growing priority among the petrochemical industry.
  • PinnacleART created a customized program based on the unique needs of the facility.
  • PinnacleART’s MI / RBI program, enabled the facility to see a unified program yield substantial results, including inspection savings, risk mitigation and improved compliance.


A major petrochemical plant in Baytown, Texas, produces a variety of chemical products that are critical in the manufacturing of thousands of consumer and industrial products. This facility must maintain peak performance daily to meet its output and profitability goals.


Loss-of-containment incidents within petrochemical and specialty chemical facilities can often have lasting safety, environmental and financial impacts. Due to the increasing number of these leak and spill occurrences, in addition to higher regulatory oversight, the value of effectively and efficiently managing risk is now more critical than ever—that’s why the establishment of a comprehensive and adaptable mechanical integrity (MI) and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program is a growing priority among the petrochemical industry.