Who We Are

“Change the world.” One simple phrase inspired our founders Ryan and Jennifer Sitton when they formed Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART) in May 2006, based in Pasadena, Texas. With the mentality to change the world, our mission originated: to set new standards for reliability and integrity programs, globally.

At PinnacleART, innovation is key.

Each day, we challenge our employees to think differently—to think beyond the status quo—in order to continuously develop new approaches and solutions that focus on reducing risk as efficiently as possible.

At PinnacleART, we recognize you don’t build a business, you build your people, and they will build the business.

Today, the innovative people of PinnacleART are the lifeline of the corporation, filling the hallways with contagious energy and enthusiasm. Though we have more than 700 employees operating globally, we make it a priority to keep the longstanding PinnacleART culture intact through community outreach, wellness programs, mentoring networks, engineering communities and monthly social activities.

Known as collision points across the company, PinnacleART encourages employees to engage daily, whether it’s volunteering at women’s shelters, food banks and animal shelters; acting as mentors to children at local middle and elementary schools; or, playing a quick game of basketball, ping pong or four square with colleagues on campus. There is never a shortage of interaction between employees, partners and the community.

As the company has grown, our values have become more important than ever, as they play a pivotal part in the development of our culture, our brand, and our business. At PinnacleART, we value:

  • having INTEGRITY,
  • being INNOVATIVE,
  • SERVING our clients and community, and
  • GROWING our business through the development of our people.

With an annual average growth rate of approximately 70 percent, PinnacleART is not slowing down anytime soon, and we continue to be a haven for engaging, energetic and innovative thinkers who want to change the world.