Reliability Driven

Our vision is to make the world reliable. In other words, we want facilities to become safer and to operate more consistently and predictably. To achieve this vision, we provide a full spectrum of mechanical integrity, asset reliability, and inspection services.

Partnership Philosophy

Our partnership model enables us to help our clients proactively manage risk as efficiently as possible. The breadth and depth of knowledge and skills of the PinnacleART team allows us to form strategic partnerships and provide tailored solutions that drive results.

Pushing Industries Forward

We believe pushing the boundaries with current technologies and methodologies is crucial to realizing our vision of advancing reliability in the world we live. We are accustomed to developing technologies or collaborating with strategic partners to deliver the most effective solutions.

Improving reliability across the globe.

PinnacleART builds and runs tailored programs that empower facilities across the globe to make value-based decisions on how to manage risk, resulting in safe and profitable operations. Clients receive a combination of industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, innovative processes, and world-class service to achieve the most effective reliability programs.

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“Our process is working. We truly can’t function without PinnacleART as a partner.”

– Specialty Chemical Plant


Improving reliability across the globe


Focused on asset reliability each day


Implemented into MI Programs


Implemented into CMMS/EAMs

Our Partnership Model

The best performers constantly look for opportunities and carry a willingness to seize them. Assessments help those best performers proactively identify current performance levels, in relation to target performance goals.


After identifying opportunities through the assessment, a detailed program improvement plan outlining action items, responsible individuals, resource requirements, and implementation time will be developed. This plan will make the largest improvement for the smallest cost and/or time frame.


Success is a habit and results aren’t achieved overnight. To achieve long-term success and meet business goals, methods of sustaining efficient operations should be in place.

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