A Successful Start: Qualitative Risk-Based Inspection of a Greenfield Project

  • Facilities are often designed without the involvement of key O&M stakeholders.
  • PinnacleART’s team of experts implemented a five-stage integrity program prior to the facility’s startup.
  • As a result of PinnacleART’s work, the facility was able to reduce the risk of loss of containment events, optimize inspection costs and ensure regulatory compliance.


Greenfield projects, which are undeveloped construction sites, are often designed and built without operations, maintenance or integrity in mind. However, a petrochemical complex located in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, had three goals when it came to their new site. They required that a proper integrity program was set up prior to the facility’s startup. Site management also needed to ensure that its piping and equipment were in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) standards. Lastly, the facility wanted to utilize a strategic, risk-based approach to planning inspections, while mitigating the need to manage a highly intensive quantitative risk model.


With these challenges in mind, the operator requested that Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART™) build a qualitative risk-based inspection program for ongoing management. In response, PinnacleART recommended the following strategies for the greenfield project: