Asset Integrity


As a mechanical integrity manager, engineer, or inspector, how do you know you’re spending your time and money in the right places? Every day you have to decide how to manage and execute a holistic asset integrity program that effectively reduces your loss of containment risk and ensures compliance with codes and standards in a cost effective way.

Case Study

Read our case study to discover how PinnacleART’s RBI implementation helped a client save $5 million USD over the course of 5 years.


PinnacleART customizes its asset integrity services to fit the need of each client. Whether the solution is ongoing fitness for service support or a multi-facility risk-based integrity program implementation, our services support the specific objectives of each facility. Our subject matter experts have years of mechanical integrity program experience, including technology (IDMS and RBI software solutions and integration), risk management, 2D and 3D CAD, inspection strategies, corrosion/damage management, capital projects, turnaround planning, fitness for service, and others. These services are classified in one of the four following areas:

1. Strategy: While many owner/operators have a defined strategy for their program, there is often a desire to utilize PinnacleART’s expertise to develop a strategy for their programs. In this process, PinnacleART utilizes its SME base to craft a customized solution that fits the facility’s goals.

2. Assessment: PinnacleART assessments integrate a combination of interviewing facility personnel with quantitative documentation and data sampling to confirm a realistic current state of the program.

3. Implementation: PinnacleART’s implementation tools ensure the end deliverables are produced with quality. These work scopes include piping circuitization, damage modeling, implementing IDMS/ RBI software packages, customizing inspection strategies, developing inspection drawings, CML optimization, and a host of other program facets.

4. Support: Our clients utilize PinnacleART to effectively and efficiently run and maintain their asset integrity programs, which involves performing data management, risk calculations, inspection planning, inspections, engineering decisions, and program KPI reporting. In the end, our aim is to support the program as if we own it.

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