Integrity Operating Windows (IOWS) - Asset Integrity Management ServicesKeeping your facility’s complex processing equipment fully operational directly affects your bottom line. While predictive damage modeling is part of a robust asset integrity program, variable process or operating conditions (e.g. alternative containment levels, temperatures, pressures, etc.) have the potential to introduce new damage mechanisms or to accelerate damage mechanisms already predicted in the study.  While operations needs to be flexible to operate the unit to meet production’s needs, operating outside of the inspection department’s assumptions or prescriptions can accelerate the degradation of an asset and lead to unplanned loss of containment scenarios. As a consequence of unexpected failures such as these, your facility may suffer from downtime and loss of production, which negatively affects funds and profitably. However, by maintaining your assets within prescribed operating conditions, you could reduce the risk of early failure. This can be accomplished through Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs).

PinnacleART can help your facility proactively identify ranges and limits for key process variables (e.g. temperature, pressure, velocity, and process stream constituents) in each unit, to provide parameters in which assets can optimally perform. PinnacleART’s IOW solution provides valuable operating guidance to your facility. By identifying potential damage mechanisms and critical integrity process variables across a unit, PinnacleART determines acceptable upper and lower operating thresholds. These operating parameters are prioritized by criticality level (information, standard, or critical). PinnacleART provides action recommendations with associated response times, ensuring that proper communication channels exist should those IOWs be breached.


Check out our featured blog post by PinnacleART Principal of Corrosion Technology Fred Addington, titled “Creating Smart Limits to Assure Safe and Reliable Equipment Control.”

PinnacleART’s Integrity Operating Windows solution helps our clients achieve the following business benefits:
  • Maximized application of existing damage/corrosion model
  • Decreased risk of unknown accelerated damage and failure
  • Facilitation of information flow across teams
  • Optimization of costs
  • Set response actions if damage model assumptions are breached
  • Improved safety and compliance with industry standards
  • Optimized operating life of an asset
  • Enabled well-informed business forecasting and decisions

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