Mechanical Integrity Assessment - Asset Integrity Management ServicesMechanical Integrity (MI) programs typically strive to achieve three goals: optimized costs, reduced risk, and maintained compliance with associated industry regulations, best practices, and codes / standards. Whether facilities are needing to further improve their MI programs or would just like to know where their program stands in regards to industry best in class standards, a Mechanical Integrity assessment is a valuable tool for understanding current facility performance and identifying improvement opportunities.

PinnacleART’s Mechanical Integrity Assessment helps facilities proactively identify current performance levels, in relation to target performance goals, by evaluating how inspection, reliability, and all relevant parties effectively manage mechanical integrity at the site. The scope of PinnacleART’s MI assessment includes reviewing key process indicators and plotting them against industry best-in-class benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of the site’s mechanical integrity program.

Our robust assessment includes both qualitative and quantitative data. First, we gather the qualitative data through interviews with site personnel. This enables us to note if and where site personnel see any shortcomings or areas of improvement. We then collect the quantitative data by assessing electronic and hard copy files to understand the availability and quality of relevant data. For example, we analyze the condition of data in the facility Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) and look at aspects such as how facilities are assessing corrosion rates and degradation parameters.

By assessing elements such as planning and scheduling, equipment reliability, technology utilization, key performance indicators, document management, and project management, we are able to score your practices and benchmark performance levels. Each of these elements can be customized as needed to align with a client’s own internal best practices. As part of the assessment, PinnacleART identifies areas of strong performance, as well as areas that need improvement. By identifying improvement opportunities and justifications, we are able to provide direct and specific actions to take in order to most efficiently achieve business objectives and reduce risk.

Through PinnacleART’s Mechanical Integrity Assessment, facilities achieve:

  • Knowledge of how facility performs against best practices.
  • Detailed program improvement plan outlining action items, responsible individuals, resource requirements, and implementation time. This plan will make the largest improvement for the smallest cost and/or time frame.
  • Focus on increased facility reliability and decreased risk of unplanned failures.

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