Mechanical Integrity Program Implementation (MI Program Implementation) - Asset Integrity Management ServicesMechanical Integrity (MI) is often viewed as a series of separate actions, however, organizations lacking a planned approach often suffer from unnecessary costs, uncontrolled documentation, poor communication, uninformed decisions, and wasted time and efforts. For organizations looking to achieve a Mechanical Integrity program of best in class caliber, PinnacleART provides the expertise, state of the art technology, and proprietary methodologies to deliver a world class program within the specified time frame. Whether your facility is large or small, a comprehensive approach is essential to running a safe and effective program, and PinnacleART is able to assess your facility and create a completely customized and integrated MI program.

Case Study

Read our case study, “A Successful Start: Qualitative Risk-Based Inspection Case Study” to learn more about the benefits of PinnacleART’s MI implementation.

PinnacleART offers Mechanical Integrity (MI) and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program implementation for an entire site’s pressure boundary assets, including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, storage tanks, piping, pump casings, pressure relief valves, and critical check valves. The scope of work involved in PinnacleART’s Mechanical Integrity Program implementation includes developing a master asset list for each unit in the plant; gathering all design documentation and inspection history into an electronic library; obtaining process, operating and consequence of failure information; defining systems and circuits ; reviewing and validating all design and process data; and entering this data into an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) and/or RBI software program.

The IDMS and / or RBI software will be configured, damage/corrosion assessment performed, Corrosion Model Diagrams (CMDs) created, asset risk profiles generated, Condition Monitoring Locations (CMLs) assigned, and RBI plans developed for each asset. In addition, PinnacleART can supplement—or completely generate—a set of management procedures for the program, including training for appropriate personnel. PinnacleART’s customized reports can also track your KPI’s to plan future inspections and turnarounds, which PinnacleART is capable of fully supporting. The time for completion is dependent on the number of assets and the scope of work tailored for each plant.

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