Reliability Centered Design - RCD Analysis - Asset Reliability Management Services Many times during new construction of a facility, site management will mistakenly separate operations and maintenance from design and construction when establishing facility requirements. Once construction is completed, maintenance requirements are determined based on the as-built facility. When organizations do not consider operations and maintenance activities during the design phase, the design will determine the life cycle costs, whether intended or not, by choosing equipment or configurations that may not adequately consider the impact on the company’s bottom line, facility risk levels, or overall safety.

PinnacleART recognizes the importance of considering reliability, maintainability, and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs early in the design phase of a greenfield project or facility. Our team employs a Reliability Centered Design (RCD) analysis to build reliability asset management principles into greenfield facilities before construction begins, thus reducing maintenance, repair and staff requirements, without sacrificing the facility’s operational goals.

White Paper

Read our white paper, “The Future of Value Engineering: Reliability Centered Design” by Senior Solutions Associate Laura Hudson, to learn more about the benefits and advantages of RCD.

The Reliability Centered Design process includes a complete review of the design from the perspective of key operations and maintenance staff, management, and process experts, prior to finalizing the design. Design deficiencies that affect system reliability and availability are identified, and risk-justified redesign recommendations are provided to the project team for review and possible incorporation into the project design. The RCD process also provides the identification of equipment configuration best practice opportunities and critical/capital spare parts identification. RCD then forms the foundation of a reliability-based asset management program for the facility through expansion into full Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)  for the final design.

By implementing PinnacleART’s Reliability Centered Design process, greenfield facilities achieve:

  • Reliability and Asset Management principles that are integrated into the design process, which produces more efficient operational strategies. This results in better maintenance strategies, fewer unexpected failures, and reduced facility lifecycle costs.
  • Coordination between designers, key operations and maintenance managers, and staff, who work together to unveil hidden design issues before they can negatively impact costs.
  • A better, more functional and reliable facility at full build-out.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) programs that are introduced during construction to begin optimizing asset management programs before the facility is complete.
  • Extensive documentation produced by RCD and RCM that can be used in life-cycle asset management. RCD and RCM deliverables are implemented into Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) programs prior to startup and commissioning, enabling proactive asset management to begin as soon as the facility is online.

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