Reliabuilder© V8


When performing Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), facilities need to have the ability to quickly and easily record, store, access, and review pertinent data. Because spreadsheets and hard copies are uncoordinated and disconnected, they will leave your data spread out in multiple places, making it unorganized, difficult to track, and easy to lose— requiring more effort on your part to manage your RCM study. Because of these inefficiencies, facilities need a tool designed for a centralized RCM facilitation.


PinnacleART’s Reliabuilder© software is a Reliability-Centered Maintenance management tool built for engineers, by engineers. With a full suite of maintenance and reliability program elements linked with best practice topics, Reliabuilder© provides an effective way to document and store your RCM data in one centralized location. While the software facilitates PinnacleART’s Reliability Centered Maintenance studies, its focus is to provide certainty that the RCM analysis is properly performed and documented, providing a significant reduction in time and effort needed to document RCM data, while still maintaining the same amount of technical rigor. Within Reliabuilder©, facilities are able to build their asset list, mirroring the CMMS hierarchy; manage performance objectives and functions; clearly document the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and define the criticality for each asset; create a customizable risk-ranking module; and quickly develop optimum mitigation strategies through custom inputs or by selecting from our intuitive built-in data resources. Additionally, after your RCM studies, Reliabuilder© can also be used as a tool to continue to monitor and maintain an effective reliability program over time. To learn more about PinnacleART’s Reliability Services, click here.

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