Capital Project: Building a Strong RBI Foundation Through Integrated Integrity - PinnacleART Case Study

  • A Midwestern refinery began a capital project to implement four new units.
  • PinnacleART provided an integrated solution by providing baseline inspections and performing the RBI implementation for all of the new assets.

  • By partnering with PinnacleART, the refinery was able to remain focused on day-to-day operations and is now equipped to maintain an effective program that will achieve safety, compliance and cost savings.


A large, complex Midwestern refinery with pipeline access to wide-spread neighboring crude oil sources produces gasoline, diesel fuel, and other in-demand refined products. Upon the inception of a new asset expansion project, the facility needed a third party capable of providing a turnkey solution.


In June of 2015, this Midwestern refinery invested in a capital project, in which four new units would be added by January of 2016, expanding capacity from 120,000 to 135,000 bpd. With the addition of these new assets came a substantial workload: performing baseline inspections, organizing/implementing data, corrosion modeling and a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) analysis. As a result, the refinery personnel were facing a great deal of work to be executed in a short time.

Because this project needed to be completed within a specific time-frame, the facility faced a major challenge: they could not rely on current staff resources to manage this capital project and maintain day-to-day operations. Therefore, they initiated a search for a third-party organization that was:

  1. capable of providing a comprehensive asset management solution that integrates RBI-based integrity and inspection services, and
  2. adequately equipped to provide the personnel and expertise necessary to complete the project efficiently.