Updated June 15th, 2020

It’s hard to believe that we are officially in the last month of the year. While most people have been planning for 2020 during the last couple of months, it’s important to take a moment to look back at 2019. What goals did you accomplish? What important lessons did you learn in 2019? What challenges did you have to overcome to accomplish your goals?

We recently polled a number of professionals in the industry to get their insights on how 2019 went. Here are the results:

What has been your biggest reliability challenge this year?

Bad actors and repeat incidents

Data management, including master, asset condition, history, and PM data

Planning and scheduling

Good work execution, including quality labor

Getting management bought in to fund requested projects


Planning and scheduling

While people experienced all the above reliability challenges at their facility this year, the majority of those polled said that planning and scheduling was their biggest reliability challenge for their facility.

Did you experience a similar reliability challenge this year? Is it difficult for you to convince your facility’s management to fund projects that would help improve the reliability of your facility? Learn how to curtail that challenge by reading PinnacleART’s article, How to Justify Reliability Improvement Initiatives.

What kind of data do you not trust in trying to make effective reliability or maintenance decisions at your site?

P&IDs: they are not up to date

Equipment master data

Maintenance or inspection history

Condition of my fixed equipment

Condition of my rotating or I&E equipment

P&IDs: They are not up to date

The majority of those polled said that they did not trust their P&IDs and equipment master data when trying to make effective reliability and maintenance decisions at their site.

Having quality, up-to-date data is crucial to making effective reliability and maintenance decisions for your facility. Having accurate, trustworthy data can help your facility avoid or better manage common reliability challenges such as bad actors, repeat incidents, and data management issues.

Many facilities have the mindset that the more data they collect, the more equipped they’ll be to make effective reliability and maintenance decisions for their facility. However, these facilities often face a variety of challenges when processing and analyzing the massive amounts of data because the data is not properly collected and organized. Additionally, facilities can spend more time collecting data than using it to drive facility reliability.

PinnacleART has the expertise in gathering, organizing, and analyzing mechanical integrity and reliability data. If you’ve identified the need to improve your data foundation for your facility or have faced any of the other above reliability challenges, contact us to see how you can use your data more effectively.

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