Updated June 15th, 2020

Knowing how your facility measures against its competitors and other top performers in your industry can have a large impact on the reliability and maintenance decisions that you make for your facility. While there are numerous ways to determine how your facility measures against others in your industry, one way you can quickly determine if your facility is on track with others is to benchmark your facility against others in the industry.

We recently quizzed a variety of professionals in the industry to see if they knew the answers to three common reliability questions. Here are the results:

What is the biggest contributor to loss of containment risk across most process facilities?

Corrosion Under Insulation

Internal Localized Corrosion

Rotating Equipment Failure

Operator Error

Correct Answer:Operator Error

Plant operators are critical to the success of process facilities. Their role of overseeing the equipment, assets, and personnel is key to ensuring facilities produce a quality product, all while operating at an optimal level of performance and production. With the increased complexity and additional responsibility operators are facing today, there is a greater chance of operator error. When facilities properly train and manage their operators, facilities can minimize their chance of operator error.

For more information on how to minimize the potential of operator error at your facility, read The Importance of Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) in Process Manufacturing Facilities.

First quartile reliability performers have how much wrench time as a percentage?





Correct Answer:>50%

First quartile performers have greater than 50% wrench time. Wrench time helps facilities measure the productivity of their employees and can be impacted by the planning and scheduling tactics that facilities have in place. As facilities strive to achieve first quartile, implementing the proper planning and scheduling strategies can help them have greater than 50% wrench time.

First quartile reliability performers have how much planned work as a percentage of total work?





Correct Answer:>95%

Greater than 95% of all work for first quartile performers is planned work. Having access to and analyzing the correct data is a key component to performing planned work and avoiding unplanned work. Facilities often spend time and resources on analyzing unnecessary data that will not help their facility achieve first quartile.

For more information on how your facility can focus on using the correct data to achieve first quartile, read our blog, The Quest for First Quartile Integrity and Reliability.

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