Updated June 15th, 2020

Developing a vision is extremely important when it comes to planning for the year ahead. A vision defines the meaning behind your goals, and consequently, shapes your goals to be more focused and driven. Do you have a vision for yourself, for your team, or for your organization? If not, you can learn how to set a vision by reading more about vision and goal setting.

To be able to set a 2020 vision that is meaningful to you and your team, it is important to look back over the prior year to see where areas for improvement may be. Looking back over 2019, planning and scheduling turned out to be the biggest reliability challenge. If you have a similar challenge, make sure you put the time and resources towards combating that challenge head-on for 2020.

We polled industry professionals to see how their 2020 initiatives were shaping up. Here are the results:

What is the biggest reliability improvement/project you are planning to invest in?

PSM mechanical integrity program

IIoT, machine learning, etc.

Reliability fundamentals

Culture, training, etc.

New year, new initiatives. In order to maintain a best-in-class reliability program, there should always be improvements and projects you can tackle to make sure your facility stays ahead of the curve. How do you know which initiatives you should go after in 2020? Even if you know which initiatives your facility should be implementing, how do you get stakeholder buy-in? To learn more about which initiatives you should implement in 2020 and how to get buy-in, take a look at How to Justify Reliability Improvement Initiatives.

Of the industry professionals polled, two-thirds stated that culture and training is the major reliability improvement they are investing in for 2020. With more and more cross-functional projects and internal groups working together, culture is an important investment for any facility where groups may still be siloed. With a reliability culture, your teams can work together seamlessly to make sure your facility hits their 2020 goals.

How much of a role are IIoT, machine learning, and anomaly selection playing in your reliability program?

Not a role at all

We’re thinking about initiatives or planning is currently underway

We’re leveraging it right now

Not a role at all

Each year brings new technologies that can help streamline processes, ensure accurate data, and help the overall reliability of your facility. Although two-thirds of those polled stated that IIoT, machine learning, and anomaly selection do not play a role at all, there is some kind of technology being used to house, track, and maintain data at most manufacturing and processing facilities. While IIoT, machine learning, and anomaly selection can help your facility make more informed decisions about your data, implementing an Artificial Intelligence program can seem daunting. Tune into PinnacleART’s video series on machine learning as industry experts break down what Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are and how they can benefit your facility.

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