How important is global standardization?

A lot of owner operators have multiple facilities. How important is it when you’re looking at an integrity program–or a maintenance and reliability program–to make sure programs are standardized across those sites?

Every facility varies, so the answer will not be the same for everyone. Things to consider include: the size of the corporation, the assets, whether it’s oil and gas, refinery focused, or chemical focused facility.

While everyone facility is different, the first thing you should be looking at are the fundamentals. Do you have those in place? Do you have an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS)?

At a fundamental level, you want to make sure that there’s one system in place across all the facilities. That way, if I work at a site, in say, North America, I know where all of the fields are for that inspection information the same as it is in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Pacific, etc. What that also enables you to do is look at the KPIs coming from those databases and enables everyone to talk the same language.

When it comes to standardization, focus on making sure that you have a system and that everybody understands what that system is.

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