Integrated Capital Project Support

Whether facilities are needing to replace older equipment, or are wanting to expand their operations to include additional production units, they invest in capital projects to optimize safety, compliance, and profitability.

Many organizations face the difficulty of implementing new systems while maintaining day to day operations. Facilities often have several separate initiatives aimed at achieving maintenance, inspection and operations strategies. These separate initiatives lead to inefficiencies in resource utilization, unclear work priorities, redundant activities and siloed organizational operation.

Case Study

Read our case study, “Capital Project: Building a Strong RBI Foundation Through Integrated Integrity.”

For these capital projects, PinnacleART can help throughout the designing, installing, operating and maintaining phases to build asset integrity and reliability as the new equipment and systems are brought online. The key advantages to completing these evaluations within this timeframe are:

  • increased integration with asset and documentation into risk evaluations,
  • properly set preventative maintenance and inspection intervals, and
  • assurance that all newly introduced risks are properly mitigated.

PinnacleART also has in-house inspectors to support capital projects and / or asset expansion with baseline inspections, helping to ensure more reliable corrosion rate calculations. In addition to inspection services, our integrity and reliability engineers will also implement the new data into all relevant documentation and inspection software, perform corrosion studies and an RBI analysis, and set accurate inspection schedules. By attacking reliability with a comprehensive approach, facilities are able to optimize resource utilization and costs.

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