Connected Field™ v1.5 is now available!

Connected Field™ is a cloud-based platform that manages inspection projects by integrating real-time inspection data across a mobile application and web dashboard, providing better control of data, more effective reports, and more efficient inspections—regardless of inspection data management software.

New features and enhancements found in v1.5 include:

  • Integration support for GE Digital’s APM (i.e. Meridium) and a dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound traffic.
  • A PCMS® dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Improved KPI text to better describe how the percentages are calculated.
  • The ability to print KPI reports as a Word document or PDF.
  • Simplified task classifications, which helps guide the user and simplifies the task creation process.
  • Work Order support that now copies over key information from an inspection and automatically fills parts of the Work Order (as many as needed).
  • The number of work orders and attachments being displayed on each mobile app task.
  • The ability to copy a reference document to edited and add as an attachment.
  • Multiple work order forms available per asset type.
  • Advanced Walkdown support, with the ability to use and edit reference documents as part of the report.
  • ISO stamp for drawings.

Management Website

The management website has several new features and updates, which are highlighted below.

GE Digital’s APM (Meridium) Integration Support & Dashboard

Connected Field™ gets data from GE Digital’s APM (Meridium) and creates tasks. Completed reports are then sent back to GE Digital’s APM (Meridium). You can track the data as it traverses through either system by viewing the dashboard.

Meridium Dashboard_PinnacleART


PCMS® Dashboard

In the new PCMS® dashboard:

  • View when PCMS® events are sent to Connected Field™
  • Verify an associated task was successfully created in Connected Field™
  • Monitor the status of the task as it flows through Connected Field™
  • View when the task was imported back into PCMS®
  • Resend tasks from the dashboard

PCMS Dashboard_PinnacleART


KPI Insights to Better Describe How Percentages are Calculated

More detailed information is now provided to better describe how KPIs are calculated and reported.

KPI Insights


Print KPI Reports to Word or PDF Formats

Connected Field™ now has the capability to print a KPI report as a Word document or a PDF.

Print KPIs as Word or PDF

Select a Task Classification to Simplify Options

The task creation process has now been simplified with the ability to choose a task by classification to limit only pertinent options based upon the selection.

Task Classification_PinnacleART


Mobile Application

The mobile application also has several new features, which are highlighted below.

Create Work Order directly from an inspection

Work Orders can have different formats and will automatically copy information from the originating inspection. Different inspection types can have one or more work order forms to choose from. When creating a work order, information can be selected to copy over. Once created, Connected Field™ treats it as another task in the system.

Create Work Order_PinnacleART


Quickly See if a Task Has Associated Work Orders or Attachments

Within the main dashboard, numeric indicators will display the number of Work Orders or Attachments associated with a task. Work Orders will be shown with the link icon and the number of attachments will be listed next to it.

Associated Work Orders_PinnacleART


Copy a Reference Document to Edited and Add as an Attachment

Now, reference documents can be copied and attached to an inspection report.

Copy Reference Document and Add as Attachment_PinnacleART

About Connected Field™

Connected Field™ integrates real-time inspection data across a mobile application and web dashboard, providing better control of data, more effective reports, and more efficient inspections—regardless of inspection data management software. As inspections are completed in the field, the data captured in the mobile application is immediately available across the platform. Custom inspection reports are ingrained within the mobile application and with the push of a button the report is uploaded directly to the program IDMS and web platform for real-time project KPIs. By making project data more accessible, Connected Field™ provides efficiencies which enable more informed decision making, driving quick and effective project execution.

PinnacleART leverages Connected Field™ technology to effectively manage inspection projects for multiple clients. With embedded onsite field staff supporting run and maintain efforts, our inspectors have completed over 19,000 field tasks utilizing Connected Field™.

Contact us to learn more about leveraging Connected Field™ at your facility.

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