Advances in modern asset management, and associated AM standards such as ISO 55000 require the management, upkeep, and use of key asset management data. In fact, for these programs to be effective, key plant data needs to be available and up-to-date.

PinnacleART works with clients to develop a “fit-for-client” Reliability and Asset Management program, including processes, procedures, and tools. PinnacleART works with clients to define process and asset type-specific data required to be maintained.

These requirements are compared to existing data to identify gaps. PinnacleART then provides skilled data mining and cleansing of this key data, and organization into integrated asset management tools and repositories. This effort can include system and equipment walk-downs, PFD/P&ID redlining, and development of custom drawings and figures necessary for a comprehensive and effective program.  This also includes Business Information Modeling (which is less mature) to use 3D models and connect the databases that are behind them.

Services Include:

  • Master Asset List Development
  • Electronic Document Library Creation
  • Piping Organization (Systemization / Circuitization / Isometric Correlation/ CML Correlation)
  • Asset Integrity Data Capture, Cleansing, and Management
  • Reliability Management Data Development and Cleansing
  • CML Correlation
  • CML / TML Data Cleanup
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