The Fundamentals of Risk Management

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Welcome to our third installment of PinnacleART’s Launch Knowledge: The Story of Reliability webinar series, which will walk you through the conceptions of a common term, risk. Risk has various definitions and is even more subjective within dangerous working conditions such as process facilities.

As part of our year-long webinar series, we’ll address areas of weakness within your reliability and integrity programs and how to implement the right KPIs, strategies and best practices to create a comprehensive solution. As part of this journey, audience members have already learned how to break down the barrier between their maintenance, operations and inspection departments and how to create an effective assessment to address the gaps in their current programs.

This webinar, titled “The Fundamentals of Risk Management,” PinnacleART experts Walt Sanford and Jereme Reed will help you learn how to define, interpret, understand and mitigate risks within your facility. 

Following the 30-minute, complimentary webinar, you will walk away with a better understanding of:

•The true definition of hazard and risk and how they apply to your process facility

•Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment

•Accepting and mitigating risks

•Key elements of a comprehensive risk management program

Who should watch?

•Integrity / Maintenance / Operations / Reliability Managers, Integrity / Reliability Engineers, Inspectors, etc.

•Individuals responsible for operations and maintenance, management, reliability, asset integrity, and/or safety in process or heavy process facilities (e.g. refining, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, electric power, manufacturing, food and beverage, etc.)