The Three Keys to Managing Mechanical Integrity

How Does Your Program Measure Up?

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Running an effective mechanical integrity program involves managing competing priorities, implementing useful systems, employing the right people in the right roles, and utilizing past experience. Learning to consistently reduce failures and increase reliability while staying in compliance with smaller budgets is an ongoing challenge, and this session empowers you to manage your program better by asking the right strategic questions. In addition, PinnacleART™ provides several tips to help you make quick, positive changes.

View this webinar to get a foundational and valuable grasp on how to take your department to the next level in the world of mechanical integrity.

Following this session you will understand:

  • The three primary keys of MI program management
  • How to keep your focus on the right priorities
  • Helpful tips about MI program management

Who Should Watch?

  • Integrity/Maintenance/Reliability Managers, Integrity/Reliability Engineers, Inspectors
  • Anyone responsible for safety, reliability or maintenance in a processing plant or facility