How we are different - PinnacleART


We take a uniquely different approach to implementing comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs. Through our customer-focused solutions, pricing promise, esteemed reputation, horsepower and expertise, we can implement a customized program from stem-to-stern. As a result, we can more efficiently and effectively help clients meet their facility goals.

Customer-Focused Solutions

We understand that no two facilities operate the same. That’s why we customize our asset reliability and integrity programs based on each process or production facility’s goals, risks and logistical context. Before starting a project, we aim to understand the current and target states of a program to best execute the gap closure plan.

Pricing Promise

We prefer to execute our projects on a fixed-price basis because it creates accountability for PinnacleARTTM’s work and also helps our clients confidently plan their budgets. With that in mind, we are paid to implement programs, not to bill hours, thereby incentivizing us to complete the work as efficiently as possible.

Our Horsepower

Having one of the largest reliability and integrity groups in North America allows us the horsepower to properly support our clients in our five service categories (Asset Integrity, Asset Reliability Management, Inspection, Operations & Maintenance and Technology). If our clients need a quick turnaround on a small job or a concentrated effort to accelerate a schedule, we can mobilize resources quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our Reputation

We make every effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied during and after our project. It is thanks to our many pleased clients that we have achieved such a positive reputation in building and supporting integrity and reliability programs worldwide.

Our Expertise

We hire and develop subject matter experts in the areas of mechanical integrity (MI), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), risk management (RBI), CAD, inspection strategies, corrosion/damage management, capital projects, turnaround planning, fitness for service and technology with the single aim of building and supporting the best asset integrity and reliability programs in the world.