Right now, a shift is occurring within the chemical industry. Chemical plants are finding themselves needing to comply with new regulations, develop succession plans for a retiring workforce, and adapt to a rapid change in technology. With a continuously evolving landscape, facilities are expected to adopt and advance, while keeping the same or shrinking budgets. PinnacleART understands the current needs of the chemical industry to optimize the value of investments, lower spend, and ensure compliance. We also know it can be difficult to find and keep quality inspectors. Due to the critical nature of today’s inspection projects, PinnacleART inspectors are educated, trained-in, and responsible for understanding the latest risk management systems.


As of January 2017, OSHA’s National Emphasis Program is focusing much more heavily on chemical facilities.


2 to 5 percent of all lost production in petrochemical plants is attributable to unplanned downtime.

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