Full Face Evaluation (FFE) for In-Service Flange Inspections

PinnacleART’s Full Face Evaluation (FFE) patent pending flange inspection method was developed to monitor the raised face area of the flange. A major challenge in the industry involves deciding which flanges to break open for inspection, as well as which ones to leave in service. Our FFE method solves this problem by accurately locating corrosion and measuring how much remaining gasket seating surface is left.

Full Face Evaluation (FFE) Overview

  1. Patent pending completely non-invasive phased array technique
  2. Non-encoded approach allows the technician to inspect for multiple data points without having to set multiple scans
  3. Unfocused scanning approach allowing full evaluation:
    • ID Corner Corrosion
    • Raised Face Corrosion
    • Smooth Raised Face Tapering
  4. Quantifiable results
    • Total surface area remaining of the gasket seating surface
    • Origination and end point of surface tapering

FFE Benefits

Complete evaluation

  • RF Tapering
  • RF Corrosion
  • ID Corner Corrosion

Fewer flanges opened

  • Baseline data for optimal TA Planning
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Safety (chemical burns/inhalation)
  • Unnecessary removal of protective fluoride scale

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