Mobile Inspection Platform™

Mobile Inspection Platform™ empowers the PinnacleART Inspection team to execute projects quickly and effectively. The cloud-based platform integrates inspection data across a mobile tablet and web platform.

Client advantages:


  • Real time project status dashboards and KPIs

Short project durations

  • Tool allows for more efficient reporting

More accurate reports

  • Better access to documentation
  • Integrated pictures and notes

With the mobile tablet, inspectors are able to:

  • access assigned inspections
  • review equipment documents
  • take photos and provide markup
  • review previous inspection history reports
  • access construction documents
  • submit completed inspection reports

Within the web platform, management can:

  • configure plant and unit information
  • set up certification types used at the facility
  • create individual projects
  • define a customized approval hierarchy for inspection reports
  • assign inspections
  • view current inspection statuses
  • export inspection information (for importing to other applications)
  • view and approve inspection reports

Within the platform, plant-wide documents, site maps, or muster point maps can be uploaded. Equipment specific documents can also be added remotely and synced with the tablet.

Additionally, the Mobile Inspection Platform™ Web Dashboard provides an overall picture of the current state of inspection progress. On this page, the following data can be viewed: completion percentages (of overall facility or specific units); inspection workloads and inspection type breakdowns; and,  scheduled inspections by day, week, month, or year.

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