Small Bore Piping (SBP) UTT Procedure

PinnacleART’s patent pending Small Bore Piping (SBP) UTT Procedure ensures savings in inspection costs and provides a reliable method by using our specialized equipment.


1. Time and Cost Savings

  • Inspection Time Reduced

– Faster set up time (i.e. no barricades required)

– No down time required

– Portable equipment

  • Inspections cost reduced up to 50%

2. Reliable Approach

  • Formal procedure developed by Certified Level III and in conformance with ASNT SNT TC-1A
  • Special training/testing provided to our technicians to qualify them in the correct use of the technique/equipment
  • Past projects found to be +/- 0.003″ from profile radiography results

3. Specialized Equipment

  • Specialized transducers

– D794

– MTD705

  • Custom made calibration blocks

– Curved multi-step calibration blocks (from ¾” to 2″)

– Doubling block multi-step (flat or curved)

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