Operations and Maintenance for Water


Today’s water and wastewater facilities must balance the demands of safety, environment, and cost. With shrinking budgets, water and wastewater treatment facilities are asked to do more with less: meet stricter environmental and safety compliance standards, manage revenues, reduce energy expenditure, and keep costs low without reducing the level of service to ratepayers. With some 30 to 50 percent of water industry operators due to retire in the next decade, attracting and retaining qualified and certified staff is often the most difficult of these tasks.

Operations & Maintenance

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PinnacleART uses principles derived from Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to perform services ranging from full contract operations & maintenance to design review, O&M planning and safety assessments. Our focus is to meet the key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate your facility is running smoothly. PinnacleART helps lower energy costs, reduce operating costs, improve maintenance programs, provide O&M program development and assistance, and increase regulatory compliance.

We can provide staff on a temporary, short-term, or long-term basis. No matter the time frame, our team will ensure you have the qualified staff you need on hand to meet your goals. Overall, PinnacleART combines expertise with creative problem-solving to provide solutions uniquely suited to your facility’s needs.

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) help facility owners prioritize repair, replacement and rehabilitation projects in the short-term. Many facilities have difficulty finding the staff or the expertise to accurately assess the current condition of facilities in order to develop a CIP. PinnacleART’s CIP services include an assessment of your facilities and existing assets; a criticality assessment to help prioritize repair, replacement or rehab activities; and cost estimates for years one through five for those specific activities.

Condition Assessments

Condition assessments provide a baseline of your facility’s health that can be used as the starting point for a variety of improvement activities. Primarily, a condition assessment should provide a clear list of the current condition, and the short-term and long-term forecasting of likely condition.

PinnacleART’s condition assessments begin with a site visit, visual inspection and documentation of conditions, followed by thermal imaging, amp draw testing, vibration and more, to provide the level of detail your facility desires. We also look at key performance indicators (KPI) for performance drop off, helping us to understand what is happening inside your assets. The report detailing asset conditions can be a starting point for capital improvement planning; repair, replacement or rehabilitation projections; adjustments to maintenance strategies to prolong asset life; and other planning activities.

Contract Operations and Management

PinnacleART’s contract operations and maintenance (O&M) services provide facilities with the qualified staff to effectively and efficiently manage your processes and assets. Our team has training in reliability programs to help prioritize O&M activities according to process and asset criticality, reducing reactive responses and improving reliability and availability of the facility. What this means for you is less risk of violation, and more peace of mind.

Facility Oversight by Certified Operators

It is often hard for small facility owners to attract the certified and qualified staff that are required to run the facility. PinnacleART offers facility oversight services to provide the high-level, certified treatment operators at a reasonable price. Our operators can provide remote or on-site facility oversight on a full or part-time basis, according to your facility needs.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan Development

PinnacleART can help make O&M plans more effective by streamlining activities to make managing the facility easier. We provide an assessment of current O&M documentation, including emergency response plans, operator round duties, standard operating procedures, preventive maintenance / predictive maintenance job plans, safety plans and manuals and more. We provide a gap analysis to determine where additional or updated documentation is required, make recommendations for staffing and scheduling and optimize your O&M activities.

Operator Routine Duties

PinnacleART can help optimize operator rounds based on a criticality and reliability assessment. We use asset and process criticality to determine the activities essential to sustaining system function, and optimize Operator Routine Duties (ORDs) around these activities. These streamlined procedures also help operations staff better understand their facility.

Process Operations Consulting

If you are having issues with your facility, PinnacleART can provide process operations consulting to pinpoint process control, design or maintenance issues that might be impacting successful treatment. We start with a review of current process conditions, loading, design and equipment maintenance. We then provide a report of our findings, including recommendations for operations strategy, maintenance or design improvements.

Septic System Assessments

PinnacleART can provide inspection and assessment of sludge buildup in septic systems. We then develop a schedule for removal to ensure proper function, and set up a contract with a local hauler to periodically service the system.

Sampling Collection

PinnacleART provides certified operators to perform sampling based on your WDR permit or desired inspection schedule. We coordinate all sampling activities with local labs to ensure accurate results.

Staffing Analysis and Audits

PinnacleART provides stand-alone staffing analyses and audits. Staffing audits help ensure facilities are not over- or under-staffed, and verifies that operators are performing the duties required by the facility’s permit or goals. We perform an asset count, an operations and maintenance assessment and a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) analysis based on asset O&M requirements. Our staffing recommendations are transparent and are based on hours of operation and oversight combined with round duties and maintenance needs.

Startup and Commissioning

PinnacleART provides startup and commissioning services for new facilities. Our team works in conjunction with contractors, operators and engineers to ensure that all assets and processes are functioning within specifications and performance envelopes as the facility comes online. We troubleshoot issues, handle performance testing, manage warranty and manufacturer issues and gather all original equipment manuals (OEM) and documentation.

Temporary Staffing

PinnacleART provides temporary staffing and staff augmentation for facilities unexpectedly lacking sufficient personnel. Our fully trained, experienced and certified operations staff can act as a supplement for short-term or long-term staffing needs.


PinnacleART provides operations and maintenance training for facilities seeking to improve the knowledge base of their staff. Our high-level operators and experienced engineers can train or retrain staff in process operations, operator math, and troubleshooting and root cause analysis to help your facility operate at its best.

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