PASADENA, TEXAS – January 15, 2019

PinnacleART announces direct connection of Connected Field™ to PCMS® and GE Digital’s APM, two of the leading inspection data management systems (IDMS) in the oil and gas industry. Connected Field™ is a cloud-based system that integrates inspection data gathered through a mobile tablet with a web-based project management dashboard. The connection capability allows field inspectors to upload inspection data gathered in the field directly to the IDMS and will empower a more streamlined inspection reporting process.

“PinnacleART’s Connected Field™ was developed to enable field inspectors to have each asset’s inspection history and data at their fingertips to ensure higher quality and more efficient reporting for our clients. The connectivity between Connected Field™ and these IDMS platforms provides an even more streamlined approach for users, which will add significant value to our client engagements,” says David Pardo, Director of Inspection Services at PinnacleART.

The integration between the technology platforms enables inspection data to move to-and-from Connected Field™ and the two IDMS platforms at the touch of a button and will increase data integrity by minimizing the chance of human error that can occur when users manually enter data into their IDMS. Additionally, users have access to real time project status dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI), which allows for more transparent and effective reporting. Other key features include:

• Each Connected Field™ data field can be mapped to an associated PCMS® or GE Digital APM field
• Inspection item responses and comments will be imported with each field
• Any photos will be imported as an attachment to a specific field
• The completed inspection report will be imported as an attachment to the event

The interface functionality requires Connected Field™ version 1.4, PCMS® version and GE Digital’s APM version For more information on the integration of Connected Field™, PCMS®, and GE Digital’s APM, join our live webcast demonstration, “Achieve Efficient Inspections: 5 Key Features of Connected Field™” on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Register Here. To learn more about the Connected Field platform, visit