On May 16th, PinnacleART will celebrate 14 years as a business. Founded in 2006 with the vision of making the world reliable, one customer at a time, PinnacleART has grown to over 900 employees and is located on an 18-acre campus in Pasadena, Texas.

PinnacleART designs, implements, and maintains comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs for complex processing facilities across multiple industries. These programs help facilities operate reliably by reducing facility risk, optimizing costs, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. In addition, PinnacleART optimizes these programs to help facilities reduce costs and maintain the long-term value of their programs.

Over the past 14 years, PinnacleART has completed over 1,400 projects for facilities located in over 25 different countries. These projects have delivered over $1 billion of value to facilities in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, chemical, and mining industries. PinnacleART has built strategies for over one million assets, performed 400,000 inspections, and maintained 1,500 assets.

PinnacleART highly values the partnerships that it forms with all of its customers and would like to thank its employees, customers, and the Pasadena community for all of the collaboration and support they’ve provided over the past 14 years. As industries continue to grow and adapt to future challenges, PinnacleART looks forward to working with facilities to make the world reliable.

For more information, visit PinnacleART.com.