The winning team: Harambe’s Revenge!Pasadena, TX – November 9, 2016

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, PinnacleART’s Workplace Wellness and Community Outreach groups hosted PinnacleART’s first ever Charity Volleyball Tournament, which raised a total of $1,107 in donations. The goal of this event was to highlight being physically active, while also raising funds in the spirit of giving.

Originally, each team selected a charity under the basis that all proceeds of the tournament would go to the winning team’s charity. The rules state that every $10 donated to a specific charity, the team representing the charity would gain a point to help put them ahead in their game. After receiving $100 dollars in donations to contribute toward their pre-game points, the team “Harambe’s Revenge”, playing in support of the Cincinnati Zoo, fought it out on the field and took first place!

When it came time to announce the winning team’s charity, Harambe’s Revenge, decided to give the funds raised to a fellow employee who was recently diagnosed with cancer and will spend the next few months out of the office receiving treatment. As a whole, the PinnacleART community is committed to giving back whenever possible. This decision to help out a fellow peer reflects PinacleART’s core attitude of supporting one another.

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