Pasadena, TX – March 7, 2017

PinnacleART employees participating in the Houston Fit Company Challenge!On Saturday, February 25, PinnacleART participated in the 2017 Houston Fit Company Challenge. This event—held at Houston Sports Park and hosted by Fit Company— is a fun team fitness challenge in which Houston companies compete against one other to earn the title of Fittest Company!

For the competition, each company split its employees into 3-4 person teams. Each team then selected their participation fitness-level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) to take part in an exciting three course fitness challenge. To accommodate the varying levels of fitness, each course held different goals for each skill level.

A PinnacleART employee participating in the Houston Fit Company Challenge!The first course, called “The Board Room,” focuses on strength and power. In this course, teams needed to meet rep goals for activities such as push-ups, sit-ups, kettlebell swings, and burpees. The second course, titled “The Corporate Ladder,” concentrates on agility, power, full-body conditioning, and speed. Within the second course, teams worked together to achieve a total of four laps around stations centered on agility, full-body conditioning, and speed. The final course, “Overtime,” focuses on endurance running. For this course, each team was required to meet the total lap commitment determined by the team’s beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill level.

At the end of the day, PinnacleART’s employees pushed themselves to achieve third place overall! PinnacleART also earned second place overall in the “Large Company Division.” In addition to ranking in the top spots among all of the participating companies, PinnacleART’s teams also triumphed in the following additional categories:

  • Course 1 – Advanced Level – 4th place. Good job team 910!
  • Course 2 – Advanced Level – 1st place. Well done team 910!
  • Course 2 – Intermediate Level – 1st place. Way to go team 913!
  • Course 3 – Beginner Level – 1st place. Team 910 is awesome!

PinnacleART’s Workplace Wellness team sends thanks to everyone who came out and participated. It was a great workout and the PinnacleART had so much fun bonding over athleticism!Employees representing PinnacleART at the Houston Company Fit ChallengeAbout PinnacleART

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