Pasadena, TX – August 13, 2018

On August 13, 2018, PinnacleART recognized their three year anniversary without a recordable injury or illness.3 Year Safety Milestone

PinnacleART continuously strives to cultivate a safe working environment and company culture to ensure all employees go home in the same or better condition than they arrived. Safety excellence is a core value that influences decision-making within every level, project and position. “With more than 700 employees and over 30 different work sites, achieving a culture of safety excellence is not an easy feat. This success can be attributed to our front line supervisors and employees who embrace a culture of safety, and look out for each other,” says Ariel Bass, Safety Specialist.

PinnacleART’s vision is to make the world reliable, one customer at a time. As reliability professionals, PinnacleART devotes themselves to creating a habit of excellence. Using safety as an indicator and a driver, PinnacleART makes progress by altering its habits across the entire organization and then exemplifying those habits to the clients they serve. The goal is to not only make the world more reliable, but to also make it safer.