Pasadena, TX – April 6, 2020

PinnacleART’s Water & Wastewater Solutions Analyst, Laura Hudson, is scheduled to present at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Expo (AWWA ACE20) in Orlando, Florida. Join Laura in the exhibit hall on Tuesday, June 16th from 1:30-3:00 PM as she presents, “Managing Your Asset Management Program: Lessons Learned from In-House Implementation,” as a part of the conference’s professional program poster session.

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About the Presentation

An increasing number of states require some level of asset management, capital planning, or other proof of responsible management of public utilities, or are in the process of including these requirements in state guidelines, funding, or permit requirements. It is critical that facilities be prepared to develop or update asset management plans and yet putting plans into practice can be challenging.

Problems with asset management run the gamut from minor to major to mundane: something as simple as poor communication of comprehensive value can derail an asset management program before it is even firmly established. If your staff do not see the value in making the necessary changes and tracking the results, the program will seem like the imposition of meaningless busy work to them. In fact, the majority of the problems with asset management program development and implementation are people problems. See the list below:

  1.  The need for executive support and leadership at the start of asset management planning and development is critical and often under appreciated.
  2.  Continued support throughout the asset management journey is needed – change in management or personnel can create roadblocks to program development.
  3. The “need for speed” – as management and personnel suddenly recognize the impact of decades of neglect of critical assets, they can feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the issue and feel pressured to react quickly.
  4. Communication – communication is a major hurdle for most facilities and organizations. In order to develop the program, the value to stakeholders and staff needs to be communicated. Information hoarding needs to be overcome.
  5. Even if value can successfully be communicated, the effort involved in the program may appear to present a barrier. Personnel already have a 40-hour work week – where will they find the time to perform the additional tasks asset management program development requires?
  6. Many facilities already have CMMS or other work tracking systems in place and may feel that the additional data required for asset management is redundant or unnecessary.
  7. Whatever existing systems are in place, people probably feel pretty comfortable using them. Asset management can upset the apple cart, making some systems or even entire job positions unnecessary.
  8.  Finally, asset management programs need to deliver on their promises. Must result in improved quality of service.

This session will discuss lessons learned from the process of researching and implementing asset management plans and programs at a public agency, and provide guidance for getting over common hurdles and changing workforce culture. Topic’s presented alongside Laura will include Infrastructure, Asset Management, and Pipelines. To learn more, view the online program here.

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About Laura Hudson

Laura HudsonAs a Solutions Analyst for PinnacleART, Laura Hudson supports PinnacleART’s Solutions Department in developing solutions for a wide range of clients. She assists with content development, business development strategies, proposal writing and editing, and client contacts. In addition, for client projects, she provides data collection, review, evaluation, and updates to Standard Operating Procedures, Operations and Maintenance manuals, Emergency Response Plans, and other facility documentation as needed.

Laura’s extensive experience is the result of working with water and wastewater clients during the past ten years, as well as working as a marketing professional for more than ten years, including internship during her graduate studies. Laura is a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF). She acquired her Certified Reliability Leadership Certificate in April 2018 from the Association of Asset Management Professionals.

About AWWA ACE20

Global water professionals from water sectors including management, design & engineering, operations, and utilities & municipalities will convene in Orlando, Florida this year for AWWA ACE20 to innovate the future of water! The professional program will focus on major water issues including asset management, water utility management and leadership, water quality challenges, advances in water treatment, and much more! From the exhibition, professional program, and keynote presentations to conference events and competitions, ACE20 is bound to be a conference that you do not want to miss.

In addition to our presentation, our water & wastewater team members will be exhibiting at booth #1827 in the expo hall. To learn more or to schedule a meeting with us, click here.