Pasadena, TX– August 4, 2017

PinnacleART announces partnership with Sarah’s House, a local organization providing emergency shelter, meals, clothing and basic necessities for homeless women and their children. While giving back to the community has always been one of PinnacleART’s core values, the company wanted to find a way to provide an even greater, long-term and sustainable impact to the community.

In early 2017, PinnacleART’s leadership raised the question: “What could we accomplish if we were to focus a significant part of our community outreach efforts to champion a worthy organization and take them to the next level in their mission?”

Since asking this question, PinnacleART gathered input from individuals across the company, including PinnacleART Community Outreach committee members, who are connected with various local organizations. Based on the input, PinnacleART selected Sarah’s House as its champion organization for 2017.

Sarah’s House is a 501(c)-3 not-for-profit organization that provides emergency shelter for women and women with children, filling a vital role in the Pasadena community. Sarah’s House not only provides essentials such as shelter, food, and clothing, it also educates and counsels its clients, with the goal of reducing homelessness within the community. PinnacleART strongly believes in the mission of Sarah’s House and recognizes the positive impact the organization has had on the lives of countless women and children in need of emergency support since its establishment in 2001.Therefore, PinnacleART has set out to support Sarah’s House in achieving its long-term vision of ending homelessness in Pasadena.

Throughout 2017, PinnacleART’s involvement with Sarah’s House has greatly expanded. To better partner with the organization, PinnacleART created an internal Sarah’s House committee, scheduled planning meetings with the staff, and Stephen Powers, PinnacleART CFO, joined the Sarah’s House board. Thus far, the PinnacleART team has already begun to accomplish much for Sarah’s House throughout the first half of the year.

Key highlights include:

  • PinnacleART’s Facilities team worked to ensure a safe and comfortable environment by repairing a leaking roof and affected walls and ceiling areas; replacing sinks, faucets, and toilets; and repairing washers and dryers.
  • PinnacleART’s IT team has provided the shelter with all new computers, monitors and printers, along with help desk support—including bi-weekly visits to physically inspect equipment. This infrastructure helps provide residents tools to search for jobs.
  • The Marketing team helped with image and web presence by creating a new logo and website for the shelter. They also and provided letterhead and card stock for donor correspondence.
  • PinnacleART’s individual employees are consistently providing the organization with volunteers to perform tasks such as yard work, removing debris, and manning the front desk.
  • PinnacleART employees continuously donate supplies (clothing, shoes, toys, and household items) through a monthly supply drive.
  • PinnacleART as a company has also supported Sarah’s House in ensuring that its operational expenses are covered. This includes covering the shelter’s rent for the year, in addition to funding an account with the Houston Food Bank, which will provide enough food (meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, etc.) for all residents.
  • To provide additional financial support, PinnacleART employees assisted with the development of presentation materials, enabling Sarah’s House to be awarded a significant federal grant to support shelter activities.

The next big initiative that PinnacleART is excited to support is the 2017 Sarah’s House Vegas Night Gala. Several PinnacleART employees have joined the Sarah’s House Event Planning Committee to prepare for this largest fundraising initiative of the year, which will take place on Saturday, August 19, 2017.

PinnacleART is pleased to inform you of this exciting opportunity to further support Sarah’s House by purchasing a table or individual ticket to attend this wonderful event. Keep in mind, tables are running out fast! For more information, please see the event page.