Pasadena, TX – September 5, 2017

2017 Summer Interns - PinnacleARTThis summer, 11 college students from top universities across the country joined PinnacleART’s 2017 summer internship program. The majority of the students are set to graduate with engineering degrees, and this internship provided each student with a glimpse at what their future careers could entail.

Throughout the program, the interns worked alongside our Asset Integrity Analysts, which provided the opportunity to receive firsthand experience of working on a project team.

“PinnacleART’s Internship program did not make me feel like an ‘intern.’ I was able to experience everything that a full-time employee would experience,” said Richard Lee, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) major at Georgia Tech. “I learned that asking questions should never be a bad thing and communicating with your project team effectively is important for project success.”

Each intern was assigned a mentor who was responsible for holding weekly meetings in order to provide career development, guidance and advice to the intern when needed.

To further enrich their experiences, the interns took part in community outreach events, presentation and networking sessions as well as fun team building activities. As part of their volunteer involvement, they held a car wash in which all proceeds were donated to Sarah’s House, a local women’s and children shelter.

“I enjoyed the PinnacleART culture the most during my time here. The people who work here are always willing to help and want others to succeed,” said Lee. “The culture at this company is something I would look for in a future career and I personally hope to be back at PinnacleART in the near future.”

We thank all of our interns for joining us this summer and wish them the best with their future studies and careers!

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