Pasadena, TX – November 19, 2018

PinnacleART team members Fred Addington, Taylor Breault, Vanessa Hart, Fernando Acevedo, Cesar Espinoza and Jesus David Pardo traveled to Mexico in October on a week-long Mission Trip to help Ninos de Mexico build homes for children in need.

PinnacleART Group Picture

Ninos de Mexico is a non-profit mission organization supported directly by individuals and churches throughout the United States with the vision, “To be a Christian mission focused on caring for orphans and encouraging growth in the local church.”

Niños de México operates seven family functioning children’s homes across Mexico City and the city of San Luis Potosi with house parents and up to twenty children, ranging in age from birth to eighteen, living together under one roof. The organization continuously works hard to provide loving and caring homes for the children who have been brought to them from unfortunate and difficult walks of life.

PinnacleART team members put their strengths together to help with a variety of tasks including:

  • Electrical work
  • Insulation
  • Building sound panels
  • Building bedrooms
  • Removing and installing toilets
  • Piping
  • Roofing
  • Sheet rock
  • Painting
  • Mechanical work

Carrying Toilet

Each evening, PinnacleART team members were invited to join one of the seven houses to spend quality time with the children and house parents. Before dinner everyone would gather together to introduce themselves and the children would say what they dreamed to be when they grew up.

PinnacleART’s Project Lead, Fernando Acevedo, stated, “No matter what the kids have been through they have inspiration to be something. The organization had a family value to it and that support really helps the children.” The PinnacleART team looks forward to returning again next year to work alongside this impactful organization.

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