Pasadena, TX – April 18, 2017

PPinnacleART employees volunteering at the Houston Food BankinnacleART’s first ever Care-A-Thon kicked off on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, and lasted throughout the entire month. Recognizing many opportunities to give back to the surrounding communities, PinnacleART wanted to give its employees more time to volunteer by dedicating the entire month of March for volunteering. Hosted by PinnacleART’s Community Outreach team, PinnacleART’s new Care-A-Thon tradition is a month-long competition among teams across the company to log the most volunteer hours!

The turnout was great, with 170 employees participating for a grand total of 1298.75 hours—more than quadrupling the number of volunteer hours used last year! During Care-A-Thon, teams and individuals were given many opportunities to volunteer with local community organizations and to participate in internal events held to gather donations.

Teams were allowed to determine where they would like to distribute their volunteer time—as long as they tracked it! Organizations that PinnacleART consistently partners with include:

  • Pasadena Independent School District
  • Carter Lomax Middle School / Mae Smythe Elementary School
  • Sarah’s House
  • Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
  • Colonial Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care
  • The Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Adopt a Soldier
  • Project Joy & Hope

During Care-A-Thon, teams did yard work for Sarah’s House, volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, mentored students at Carter Lomax Middle School, donated blood, volunteered at The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, walked dogs at the Pasadena animal shelter, and participated in a beach cleanup, among many other activities!

In addition to volunteering with these organizations, PinnacleART hosted some internal events geared toward donating both funds and items.

Can-struction Mario!CANstruction:

A canned food drive with a creative twist! Teams collected canned food to create the largest and most creative structure.

Change Wars:

A friendly competition across each building on the PinnacleART campus. For this event, pennies represented positive points and all other forms of change represented negative points. To gain positive points, each building needed to submit as many pennies as possible into their building’s collection jar. To beat the neighboring buildings, individuals had to sneak over and put any piece of change other than a penny into the coin collection jar, giving the building negative points. The winning building gets to decide where the proceeds will be donated to.

Total proceeds generated: $556

March Madness Bracket Challenge:

March Madness started on March 14, 2017 and ended with the championship game on April 3, 2017. All proceeds will go to the charity of choice to the overall winner of March Madness.

Total proceeds generated: $180

Pie in the Face:

Smash a pie in someone’s face for charity! Ten PinnacleART employees were nominated to get pied in the face for charity. All proceeds will go to The Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Total proceeds generated: $2,621.

Fellowship Breakfast:

PinnacleART hosted a Waffle Breakfast, serving a plate of waffles for $5. The team placing second in Care-A-Thon gets to choose which organization the proceeds from breakfast will benefit.PinnacleART employees volunteering at the Shell Houston Open

Total proceeds generated: $396

The funds raised by PinnacleART throughout these internal activities total to $3,753. In addition to the funds generated, PinnacleART team members went above and beyond racking up those volunteer hours. See below for this year’s Care-A-Thon Winning totals!

  • 1st Place Team: 129.5 hours total, an average of 18.5 hours per person.
  • 2nd Place Team: 51.5 hours total, an average of 12.9 per person.
  • Onsite Team Winner: 56.25 hours, an average of 5.1 hours per person.
  • Most Individual Hours Volunteered: 58 hours.

Thanks to all employees who participated and congratulations to all of the winners—PinnacleART is proud to have such hardworking and generous tem members on board!

If you would like to speak to a member of PinnacleART’s Community Outreach program regarding volunteer opportunities, please email[/av_textblock]

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