To effectively develop a risk-based proactive maintenance strategy, PinnacleART can develop the proactive maintenance work orders (PMs) and associated job plans to implement the results of the RCM analysis. The tasks, task frequencies, and task responsibilities are defined during the RCM task selection meetings. These RCM tasks are then developed into more detailed/meaningful work instructions and grouped, routed, and sequenced in the CMMS for logical execution. For existing facilities, PinnacleART would first compare tasks recommended by the RCM study with the PMs that are currently being executed for the equipment. The result of the task comparison is a list of changes that are needed to the CMMS (i.e. add, modify, or delete PMs and job plans) to effectively implement the results of the RCM study.

PinnacleART will follow company guidelines and provide additional guidance as necessary to develop properly-formatted PMs and job plans that address what work is to be done, what materials are needed, and estimated labor hours. PinnacleART will create routes and combine tasks from sub-components as necessary to develop a logical PM program. PinnacleART populates the required fields of the CMMS PM load template with the required information. The load template can then be imported into the company CMMS test and production environments as needed.

Many proactive maintenance activities are managed outside of the CMMS. These tasks are typically operator surveillance activities (e.g. round sheets), predictive maintenance activities (e.g. vibration analysis), RBI activities (e.g. internal inspections), and compliance tasks (e.g. function tests required per a regulatory agency). PinnacleART can provide guidance on how the PM program should be developed and what tasks may need to be managed outside of the CMMS.

Services Include:

  • Proactive Maintenance (PM) Development
  • PM Strategy Implementation in CMMS
  • Job Plan Development
  • Bill of Materials
  • Operator Routine Duties (ORD)
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