Prevent loss of containment and optimize inspection costswith a best-in-class Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program.

Best-in-class RBI programs are living systems that work off the right data and calculations to drive the right inspection and maintenance decisions. PinnacleART’s approach ensures the right data is organized and processed in the right systems, and data and systems are kept up to date with management of change, new inspections, and real time process and operations data.

Case Study: Increasing Profitability by $16MM with Customized Risk-Based Inspection

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PinnacleART has implemented Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)programs at over 80 facilities in multiple industries worldwide.

PinnacleART applies RBI theory in a systematic and standardized manner that provides objective assessments and repeatable results. We will help you select an appropriate RBI methodology, and then execute that methodology through a regimented process of gathering documentation, mining of critical data, predictive damage modeling, consequence of failure assessments and RBI planning. As a result, facilities receive a set of optimized inspection strategies that efficiently target loss of containment risk.

Download the full case study to learn about how we helpeda client optimize their inspection program with RBI.