Core Challenges

The core challenges we deal with center on at least one of three things: lost production, wrongful reliability/maintenance spending, or lack of compliance with internal or external regulation. We help identify and solve each of these.

Lost Production

Lost production can be due to loss of containment, functional failure, reduced rates, or extended planned outages/turnarounds.

Wrongful Maintenance Spending

Wrongful spending can be attributed to capital replacement/improvement, incorrect/inefficient maintenance and inspection activities, or excess spares.


Compliance gaps can come from either internal or external standards. Either way, they can cause disruptions and mitigating them can become a full-time job.

Macro Root Causes

The core challenges listed above can have an array of root causes, but the major ones we see include: culture and program foundation, data management, and field execution.

Culture & Program Foundation

Poor reliability culture, lack of buy-in from management or front-line workers, and other program foundations can plague otherwise robust reliability programs.

Data Management & Strategies

Whether data is excessive, inaccurate, or distrusted, it can impact decisions surrounding inspection, maintenance, spares, and capital upgrades.

Effective/Efficient Field Execution

Even if you have the right data driving effective strategies, is field execution of those strategies being completed effectively and efficiently?

Asset Breadth

Reliability issues can range from a single critical asset to an entire supply chain.

Single Asset

Sometimes one bad actor needs a root cause analysis, a remaining life calculation, or machine learning real time monitoring.

Group of Assets or Failure Types

Sometimes it's a problem system, unit, asset type, or specific failure type that's been causing reliability or loss of containment issues.

Plant/Supply Chain

Sometimes an entire facility or integrated supply chain has systemic reliability challenges and needs to be addressed holistically.

Asset Age

Reliability issues related to asset age can range from assets being brought online in capital projects to entire facilities that are needing to be retired.

Capital Projects

Capital projects often have inherent design flaws that shorten asset life or make regular maintenance difficult. Also, manufacturing/construction can cause issues that may not be discovered in time.

Existing Facilities

Existing facilities have reliability issues ranging from unplanned downtime, exceeded maintenance budgets, loss of containment incidents, and exceptions to production permits.

Aging Assets

Assets facing retirement need to either be retired or have the life extended through proper analysis. Often, funds are wasted because proper condition assessment and analysis are lacking.


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