Program evergreening will help your facility maintain the viability of reliability programs as systems change. PinnacleART ensures that the information contained in the MI/RBI program is maintained in accordance with the site’s management of change (MOC) program, to incorporate any updates to assets. These updates can include, but are not limited to, partial or full replacement of fixed assets, grading of inspection after an inspection is performed, and updates to process and operation information. These updates will be incorporated in the document management system, IDMS/RBI software, circuitized P&IDs, inspection drawings, and any other documents deemed critical to the integrity  program. PinnacleART can support a facility’s newly implemented program through both initial and transitional stages, and we can work onsite or remotely for the duration deemed necessary by the facility.

Overall, facilities will gain:

  • Confidence in systems and enabled informed decision-making
  • Optimization of costs overtime, by ensuring programs are properly implemented (protected investment)
  • Compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Stable transition from implementation to optimally running program

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