Our asset strategy solution focuses on understanding the true risks in order to provide the most value for the costs. To determine best in class asset strategies for fixed equipment, including type of inspection and locations and extent, PinnacleART utilizes damage modeling.

Asset strategies typically include a combination of visual inspection and Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) to appropriately monitor for damage. Plans, which include recommendations on insulation stripping, inspection locations (CML optimization can be performed which utilizes statistical analysis), and mitigation plans for accelerated damage, are implemented into the facility’s asset performance management (APM) system . The timing of all inspection activities can be further optimized by Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), which can employ a variety of qualitative or semi-quantitative models (many applications of API 580, including 581).

Services Include:

  • API 510 External in Lieu of Internal Inspection Assessment
  • Risk Based Inspection Calculations
  • Asset Strategy and ITPMs Development
  • Pressure Relief Device RBI
  • Atmospheric Storage Tank RBI
  • Tube Bundle RBI
  • Critical Check Valve Program
  • Corrosion Under Insulation Program Development
  • Underground Piping Program
  • Machine Learning Failure Prevention
  • TAR Inspection Planning (Access/Prep/Closure)
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