Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) delivers a set of reliability based, proactive tasks focused on sustaining the desired functionality of systems and equipment. PinnacleART’s proprietary RCM process yields a maintenance program with the lowest base (proactive and reactive) cost.


To effectively develop a risk based proactive maintenance strategy, PinnacleART can develop the proactive maintenance work orders (PMs) and associated job plans to implement the results of the RCM analysis. Detailed work instructions will be grouped, routed, and sequenced in the CMMS for logical execution.


Many facilities are challenged with striking the proper balance between the number of spare parts to be held in inventory and the number of spares not to be held. A spare parts analysis establishes a clear stocking strategy that will help you avoid overstocking spares (and wasting money) or understocking spares and risking delayed repair times for critical assets.