Using Reliability Centered Maintenance principles, PinnacleART offers services ranging from full contract operations & maintenance to design review, O&M planning, and safety assessments. Our focus is to meet the key performance indicators that demonstrate your facility is running smoothly. PinnacleART helps lower energy costs, reduce operating costs, improve maintenance programs, provide O&M program development and assistance, and increase regulatory compliance.


PinnacleART sets the reliability standard by integrating its engineering, software, and inspection departments, resulting in quality inspection programs that offer customized inspection strategies, access to an experienced team of engineers and inspectors, efficient and risk-justified proactive maintenance tasks, and optimized costs. Our services include onstream and turnaround inspections, traditional NDT, advanced NDT, and more.


Program evergreening ensures that a facility’s newly implemented program remains effective by appropriately adapting to changes and updates that affect the systems and the core program. It ultimately empowers facilities to maintain confidence in their systems and to make informed business decisions.