PinnacleART can staff and execute turnarounds of all sizes. We provide the inspection planning, inspection execution, data management, project management, and associated engineering support. We will also work with your facility to create a strategy that will determine the full scope of inspections required for specific equipment.

This includes planning on-stream inspections for a unit or facility, in addition to working with the facility’s turnaround planning team to create inspection plans for the pertinent assets. With PinnacleART’s holistic turnaround support, our team will ensure that risk-based equipment plans are translated to proper turnaround packages and that the packages are properly executed. We will also ensure that the inspection data is fed back into the Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program before the turnaround is over, and that damage/corrosion support is provided.

As part of this process, PinnacleART utilizes Connected Field™, which enables near real-time communication of data between the PinnacleART team for efficient decision-making, task execution and project management reporting.

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