A time-based approach to inspection has long been the norm for oil and gas facilities, but as more facilities are trying to become the safest, most reliable, and most available, the need for a risk-based approach has never been more prevalent. A time-based approach is exactly what it sounds like – in operation for X months, down for X months to complete maintenance and updates – whereas a risk-based approach uses facility data to determine how long a facility can run reliably and suggests proactive maintenance while the plant is in operation to minimize downtime at turnarounds.

Case Study: Increasing Turnaround Cycles with a Risk-Based Approach

A facility in the Middle East was looking to support the expansion of field assets and meet production targets while maintaining equipment integrity. The facility identified the need for a more comprehensive inspection program. After assessing the current state of the facility’s program and identifying a path forward, a risk-based inspection program was deemed the most beneficial to help the facility achieve their goals.

After switching from a time-based approach to inspection to a risk-based approach, the facility was able to not only meet, but also exceed, production targets. Benefits on the facility’s availability included:

  • An increase of 40% time between turnaround cycles
  • A decrease of 25% downtime during turnaround cycles
  • An increase of 0.3% overall availability

Because of the overall increase in facility availability, production was directly affected, leading to an increased production revenue of $16MM USD. Apart from increased production, the facility was also able to use a more focused inspection approach and utilize their contractors in a more streamlined way. The facility is now able to make better integrity decisions and has a more effective Mechanical Integrity program after shifting to a risk-based inspection program.

To learn more about what initiatives were implemented to help the facility meet and exceed production targets, download the case study, Increasing Profitability by $16MM USD with Customized Risk-Based Inspection, here.