Transforming how you approach inspection

Small Bore Piping (SBP) UTT Procedure – PinnacleART Patent Pending

– Enables multiple readings within an hour

– Reliable approach

Cost savings of 45-55% compared to Profile RT

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Full Face Evaluation (FFE) for In-Service Flange Inspections – PinnacleART Patent Pending

– Developed to monitor the raised face area of the flange

– Accurately locates corrosion

– Measures remaining gasket seating surface

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Magnetostrictive Sensory System (MsS) Guided Wave Testing (GWT)

– Broad frequency range of 5KHz-250Kh

– Rapid, omnidirectional coverage for long-range areas

– Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Detection

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Mobile Inspection Platform™

– Integrate inspection data and reports through mobile tablet and web platform

– Dashboard allows managers and clients to monitor KPIs in real time

– Take photos and provide mark-up remotely

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We are the global leader in designing, implementing and maintaining comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs for process facilities in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, wastewater and electric power industries—including national oil companies, super majors, and majors, as well as independents. Our team of talented experts, engineers and inspectors help clients mitigate risk of downtime, loss of containment, and ensure safety of personnel; optimize costs associated with inspection, maintenance and total asset spend; and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. PinnacleART’s expertise is multifaceted: mechanical integrity, reliability, inspection, technology, and project management. However, our truly unique skillset involves bringing all of these together to provide solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology.