Welcome to PinnacleART’s Common Reliability Questions video series, in which our subject matter experts discuss processes, best-practices, pitfalls, and opportunities for the future while covering industry topics. Tune in to receive practical takeaways that you can implement to help your facility become more reliable.

Join our team as they discuss the following:

How do you define corrosion management? Why is corrosion management so important in processing facilities?

If I’m an integrity manager or a corrosion engineer, how do I make sure I’m managing corrosion appropriately in my facility? What are the best practices, industry standards, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) I should be looking for?

How important is it to put a corrosion model or a damage model in place at my facility?

What data do I need to build a corrosion model or damage model? If we are not already collecting that data, should we start?

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