Welcome to PinnacleART’s Common Reliability Questions video series, in which we discuss processes, best-practices, pitfalls, and opportunities for the future. Tune in to receive practical takeaways that will help your facility become more reliable.

Join our team as they discuss the following:

A lot of owner operators have multiple facilities, and they’re buying up assets, selling assets – how important is it to make sure our programs are standardized across those sites?

When we talk about capital projects, a lot of times we can implement programs or run programs a certain way for brownfield, and then when you start building a new facility or debottlenecking, you don’t integrate your existing program into the capital project site. How important is that? How do you do that? What are the pitfalls, etc?

If I’m over multiple facilities with differing maturity levels and I have a priority to standardize those facilities – how do I know which one to tackle first? If I have one that’s low maturity, one that’s high maturity – where do I go from there?