Make asset management work in water and wastewater, resulting in optimizedmaintenance spend and capital improvement plans and compliance with regulation.

Best-in-class Asset Performance Management (APM) programs are not reports, but rather living systems that work off the right data and calculations to drive the right reliability and maintenance activities. PinnacleART’s approach empowers facilities to get to best in class faster and stay there, resulting in optimized maintenance spend, an optimized capital improvement plan, and compliance with regulation.

Case Study: 60% Cost Reduction Applying Reliability Principles to a Small-Scale Facility

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PinnacleART's Approach

Identify Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities are identified across plants, units, and equipment types in both lost production and maintenance spend. We then build an improvement plan by plant and unit, prioritizing quick wins that will close spending and lost production gaps.

Execute Improvement Plan

Improvement plan is executed, utilizing the horsepower and expertise of roughly 1,000 people and the efficiencies of an array of in-house implementation tools. The result is an efficiently implemented improvement plan and minimal use of site resources.

Sustain Reliability

Programmatic improvements are sustained through actionable reliability insights for both equipment and program. The goal is to keep the facility performing at a best-in-class level.

Download the full case study to learn about how we helpeda client optimize their O&M program and realize cost reduction.