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Lewis MakinDirector, Client Solutions

Question Corner

Can Connected Field™ be utilized to prepare UT reports and Isometrics?

Yes, Version 1.6 of Connected Field™ has the capability to not only input CMLs directly into your IDMS system, but it also allows us to pull CMLs from your IDMS system to have them displayed directly on the tablet. This can be especially helpful to your inspectors who go out into the field because it will allow them to do their UT measurement, visualize variance easily, and input and digitize information into any type of report desired that can be built and tailored to your liking. In addition, isometric drawings are able to be pulled into the mobile application as well. To learn more, read about all of the unique features of Version 1.6 of Connected Field™ here. 

Can you suggest some solutions to tag equipment that are not smart plant compatible, say the drawings are in pdf format and we want to put intelligence to it and tag them subsequently.

The drawings you saw in the presentation were not spark plant P90X, they were just basic AutoCAD W WG files. Our base recommendation, if you just have PDF scan drawings, is to take those drawings and convert them into AutoCAD first. AutoCAD, will allow you to actually digitize directly on the drawings, leveraging all of the blocks and layers. To learn more, click here.

I have another question regarding Connected Field™. What kind of devices can we use in the field?

For the most part, the Connected Field™ application runs on Windows. So, really, if you have any kind of Windows Product, for example a Microsoft Surface, Connected Field™ can typically be leveraged on it out in the field. Learn more by clicking here.

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